How To Modify Your Glock


Please pay attention to the harm to the human body of the modified gun,as following:

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Pistol Modifications | Some Mods Should Keep Original

Avoid Messing Up Your Gun
Most gun lovers like pistol modification. Tacti-cool is not tactical at all.

They are unable to install after-sales accessories in gun customization stores to satisfy their desire to turn the gun into a cooler version that usually exceeds its original configuration.

Some modifications can make your pistol more practical and interesting, but it may not be safe to carry a modified pistol to use. Learn about five pistol modifications to avoid keeping your guns in good condition.

1. Do Not Reduce Trigger Pull Weight
The trigger and ergonomic design of the pistol are the keys to the accuracy of the shooter. Some people may say that using a light and clear trigger allows the user to play the best shooting ability, but the truth is that this modification will bring serious consequences.

Reducing the pull will make your pistol more unreliable or dangerous, especially when you use it for self-defense. If it is lighter than the factory standard, it is likely to accidentally double-click the trigger, resulting in shooting unexpected targets.

However, if you want to use light trigger pull, I can recommend a few pistols that you might like. Try Glock 19 Gen 3 or Sig Sauer Legion, both of which are equipped with excellent triggers and no need for any modifications to the pistol.

Glock is particularly popular, and Glock 19 accessories are readily available.

2. Do Not Add Slip-on Grips
Normally, the sliding-sleeve grip will rise and pass over the magazine buckle. When you want to release the magazine buckle, it will not push and release the magazine because it cannot be properly seated.

In some cases, if it does not fit the gun, it will slip off. This can be a very annoying trouble, and you don’t want to deal with it when using a pistol.

Try to stick to the butt that comes with your gun. For example, the Beretta grip

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