Glock Modified Series

Introduction to the Glock Pistol of the Light Weapons Series

Gerstone Glock established Glock KG in 1963 in Wagram, Germany, and began to introduce various military products in the 1970s. The first test type of Glock pistol was Glock. 17. It was launched in the 1980s and was manufactured in response to the needs of the Austrian Army. The first Glock pistol series was numbered 17. Glock explained that Glock… Read More »Introduction to the Glock Pistol of the Light Weapons Series


How To Modify Your Glock

Please pay attention to the harm to the human body of the modified gun,as following: RELATED: How To Modify Glock Pistol Modifications | Some Mods Should Keep Original Avoid Messing Up Your GunMost gun lovers like pistol modification. Tacti-cool is not tactical at all. They are unable to install after-sales accessories in gun customization stores to satisfy their desire to… Read More »How To Modify Your Glock